Cone Liberation Organization

There was once a time that traffic cones roamed free, unfettered by the demands of commerce and construction. Blissfully unaware of the ways of man, they wandered the meadows and the valleys. Then a great roaring beast overtook them, a beast that cried for asphalt and demanded miles and miles of roads. This beast was the automobile, and it was fed by man. Man enslaved the traffic cone and forced it to labor on the hot black asphalt, forced it to feed the growling metal beast. Many brave cones were felled by its careless fenders and squealing tires. Many cones worked hard, only to be discarded when they grew less bright . It is time to stop this enslavement. Cones must roam free again. The Cone Liberation Organization vows to fight against cone exploitation. The CLO will not rest until every cone is free.


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